Q: What is Wealth Management?

A: Wealth Management is the management of a client's wealth by professionally trained individual to get maximum value for the client’s financial assets.

Q: How is Inari Wealth Managementz different from others?

A: We provide unbiased objective solutions across a wide range of products and services and help you plan for a more secure financial future. For more details, check out our team & channel partners.

Q: What are the services you offer?

A: We offer a solution that covers Comprehensive Financial Planning, Portfolio Management Services, Investment Strategy, Estate Planning, Risk Management & Insurance Planning, Property Purchase & Financing, Equity & F&O Trading, Commodities Trading or any subset of this gamut of services. To learn about each of these services in detail visit our products list with details.

Q: Do you guarantee returns?

A: While we use sophisticated mathematical/statistical tools to allocate your investments among the various asset classes and model the growth in your investment portfolio, it is important to keep in mind the inherent variability in market returns in most asset classes. Thus, we do not guarantee any minimum returns but we do carry out appropriate simulations to provide adequate confidence on achievement of goals and targets.

Q: What is the minimum investment required?

A: There is no prescribed minimum amount of investment that we require to start our relationship. However, to gain access to more sophisticated services and privileges, we may require a certain minimum commitment from you.

Q: What is your fee structure?

A: Our fee structure is a combination of the fee charged for the comprehensive investment solutions provided and the commissions that we receive from all the companies in whose products you invest.

Q: Is my information kept confidential?

A: Yes, completely! We are deeply committed to the confidentiality of your data. We have built in comprehensive processes to ensure that only your Wealth Advisor has access to your data.